“This course meets you where you are, doesn’t assume any background, and takes you along a path to deepening your understanding trauma informed pedagogy. Wherever you start, you will end in a new and better place.”
–Sara Pruss, Smith College

This class brought both familiar and new methods to the forefront of my pedagogical thinking in a way that I hadn’t considered previously and further equipped me to approach compassionate teaching with confidence and awareness.
–Laura Osterhaus Rosenstone

So much to process but what an amazing workshop to bring some important tools and practices so that we can teach and learn in relationship to our bodily experiences, imprints, and futures. Thank you.
–Suzanne Gottschang

This course is an invitation to deepen and tap into the resources you inherently have. An invitation to being your own resource.
–Miguel Alejandro Castillo

Thank you, Anita and Angelica, for a warm and incisive workshop! I will absolutely take this knowledge into my classrooms and into my own life and ability to resource myself
–Jen Malkowski

I am incredibly grateful to have been able to participate in this workshop. It was eye-opening to learn about these tools and practices and I know this will impact the rest of my life.
–Abril Navarro

Thinking of how all things cycle and how we need those moments or periods of rest to be able to have the energy and resilience to get through the overwhelming times was powerful for me. Being aware of and grounded in our physical body and emotions is not the antithesis of developing our intellect, in fact it is essential to allow deeper and more impactful learning.
–Marney Pratt

Anita has given me knowledge and embodied tools to use in times of distress, but has also been an important teacher in my unfolding process of dealing with my past, grounding my present, and helping me envision a more peaceful, authentic future. As an academic worker, I often struggle to integrate my intellectual work with my embodied experience, and working with Anita has helped me do that with wonderful results in both my personal and professional life. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
–A. Ford, Assistant Professor, Sociology

“I have been telling people that I hardly recognize myself since participating in this class! Angelica helped me to touch when and how my imprints began and how to reframe how I interact with myself and others in the world. I now have resources that I did not know were available to me when I was stuck in an outdated way of seeing myself. For me, the most important takeaways are that my bodily sensations can be a door into processing past or present experiences, that the very things I’ve been running from can actually BE the path to healing. That the whole way I’ve been perceiving anxiety and pain can be shifted, for my benefit.”
–Lee A W

“Professor Chari’s unique and genuine style of teaching is unlike that of any professor I have had the opportunity of learning from before. I continue to be amazed at her ability to lead us in connecting with the creative and intellectual parts of ourselves, and combining rather than separating these parts. I also greatly admire her commitment to encouraging us to engage with the political, through our stories and writing, and those of others. It has been an incredible honor and such a wonderful opportunity to be able to take this class with Professor Chari, and I do believe every student should have the opportunity to take a class from her – thank you.”
–Namratha Somayajula

“Professor Chari facilitated incredible discussions in our class. We covered many difficult topics, including racism, appropriation, and oppression, and we were all encouraged to engage deeply in reading material and challenge ourselves intellectually. I really appreciated that about a month into the class, Prof. Chari asked us to talk together as a class and set ground rules for how we could go about healthy and respectful class discussions. It was a really good learning opportunity to decide as a group what our expectations were for ourselves and each other, especially when our discussions were often meaningful and intense. I have never taken a class where the discussion was so intellectually stimulating, challenging, and well facilitated.”
–Marielena McWhirter