Embodying Your Curriculum is an online course that equips faculty and students with pedagogies to address overwhelm during a time of unprecedented change in education. Amidst political demonstrations, racial injustice, and an international pandemic that is hitting the U.S. hard, our students and faculty are experiencing more anxiety, mental health challenges, and feelings of overwhelm than ever before. Embodying Your Curriculum is a modern, innovative approach to increasing faculty productivity and boosting student retention. It combines trauma-informed pedagogies and mental health neuroscience to teach practical solutions that will retain faculty, retain students, increase the value of your classroom, and create a lasting relationship with students who will feel deeply connected to the university, even as alumni.

Administrators, teachers and students all benefit when faculty know how to alleviate overwhelm, and how to use those same techniques in helping students address contemporary issues and stressors. This helps everyone in the education system improve, especially when they may have been compromised by external challenges, economic hardship, and social isolation. It also builds a resilient academic community strengthened by relationships that add value.

With decades of experience in trauma resolution, social justice education, embodied pedagogy, and teaching about racialized trauma both inside and outside the classroom, Anita Chari, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon, and Angelica Singh, M.A., BCST, have the experience needed to help our education system succeed.

Anita Chari Assoc. Prof. of Political Science, University of OregonAnita Chari

Co-Founder, Embodying Your Curriculum
Assoc. Prof. of Political Science, University of Oregon

Anita Chari is a political theorist and distinguished educator who has won multiple teaching awards for her innovative work to bring embodied, trauma-informed, social justice paradigms into higher education. She is the author of A Political Economy of the Senses (Columbia University Press, 2015), and her research on embodied practices and political theory has appeared in various scholarly journals.

Chari is a pioneer in bringing trauma-informed, social justice practices into the classroom since 2008, where she began to integrate embodied practices as a Collegiate Assistant Professor into the undergraduate Social Sciences core curriculum at the University of Chicago. At the University of Oregon, she created several courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels to bring a holistic, embodied approach to teaching about structural oppression, critical theory, and social justice. In 2018, Chari won two prestigious awards for her work bringing the principles behind Embodying Your Curriculum into the classroom: The Herman Award for Distinguished Teaching, and The Williams Fund Teaching Award.

Angelica Singh M.A. and B.C.S.T.

Co-Founder, Embodying Your Curriculum

Angelica Singh is a somatic educator, trauma therapist, and thought leader whose work through The Embodiment Process was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine. She has presented her work as a featured speaker and panelist at the 2018 Conscious Life Expo, lectured at the 2018 New Living Expo, and the foundation of her process has been offered to expecting mothers through the UCLA Medical Center.

With over 20 years of facilitating embodiment and trauma resolution with individuals, groups, and institutions, Singh has helped hundreds of people resolve their trauma and anxiety through emotional healing. She is the author of two innovative online courses, The Embodiment Process Foundational Course, and The Deep: How to Complete your Patterns of Anxiety. She specializes in creating a palpable sense of embodied connection with her students and clients, both in person and online. Her work has innovated the online learning experience to meet the current needs of communities and society as a whole.

You can visit her site at: AngelicaSingh.com

Lydia Holden Communications Director, Embodying Your Curriculum Lydia Holden

Communications Director, Embodying Your Curriculum

Lydia Holden is a journalist, multi-media storyteller and nonprofit + small business communications expert. After learning the ropes of magazine publishing at Chicago magazine and Fortune Asia, Holden settled in Beijing in 2004 as the managing print editor of a cultural and lifestyle magazine for expatriates living in China called City Weekend, run by the Swiss publishing house Ringier. Holden was then hired in 2011 by a group of US and European philanthropic foundations to lead a global communications project for The Grassroots Girls Initiative, funded by the Nike Foundation. Over a four-year period, Holden traveled to 10 countries to visit 25 grassroots nonprofits and interview 168 young women and girls throughout slums and villages in Africa, South America and India to understand the biggest challenges facing our world’s girls. While not in her job description, Holden started teaching the girls she interviewed to tell their own stories as a tool for empowerment, but what she discovered was far more compelling: Storytelling has the capacity to heal trauma.

This created a deep interest in understanding trauma, which led her to Anita Chari and Angelica Singh. For the last four years, Holden has learned from Chari and Singh how to first address her own accumulated trauma and then how embodiment practices can inform and strengthen Kahani Creates, a storytelling and trauma healing program Holden created for marginalized youth worldwide. Holden was thrilled and honored to be asked to join the Embodying Your Curriculum team in 2021 as the Communications Director.